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I may go by "CK" but you could also call me "PK" - that's right... I am a preachers' kid. I grew up on a wooden church pew, backslid all the way to the barroom and then came running to the altar in my college years desperate for more than religion, I needed an encounter. I prayed through, found a hotline to heaven and never looked back.
Sure, the road from there to here hasn't been a bed of roses but it's the refining fires of life that mold and shape us into the people of God that we are supposed to be.

It's staying when you feel like leaving,
gleaning when you feel like running and abiding in the master's arms through every moment of life that matters most.

"I'm just crazy enough to believe you for it."
Y'all - If i had a dollar for every time I told the Lord that, I could buy Starbucks for all of the USA! But all jokes aside, if God said it then that settles it. And I am here for all of it.

So I'll be bringing you the ups and downs, the tears and laughs, domestic and international, prayer room to green room -- it's time to wake the church and revive the nations. Jesus is coming back soon, and He is coming back for a glorious bride. Amen?

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