\"This is It\"

revival fire 
It seems so mysterious, doesn't it? A phrase I have heard growing up that has almost become commonplace. I have heard my grandparents talk about it along with older ministers - they talk of Revival that breaks out, fire that is contagious - it does more than sets people free, it sets communities ablaze. All for the glory of God.

Lean in - Im going somewhere...
Last night our church formed a prayer line, elders and ministry heads came to the platform and formed somewhat of a tunnel, the rest of us walked through. As I came to a well respected Woman of God and she laid hands on me I had an open vision. I saw her with those medical paddles that we use to shock someone's heart back into rhythm. As she prayed for me I watched her lay the paddles on my chest and shock me, I watched it happen three times and with each shock she yelled out demanding they turn up the joules (aka - turn up the power)
With the final shock I felt the heaviness leave, and peace rest on me.
Those words cannot even describe the magnitude of the shift that happened in the supernatural. I wish I could paint a better picture for you - but the moral of the story is that in order to experience revival - we must be revived ourselves.

Did you know that in order for someone to be "shocked" in the medical world their Heart must be beating out of rhythm, it cannot be actually stopped (asystole) because when someone's electricity stops in the heart, you cannot magically restart it. You can however, restore the correct rhythm to someone who is still living, but barley has a pulse.
Did you pick up on that Holy Spirit correlation?
Have you ever been spiritually alive, but barley had a pulse?
Have you felt the weight of the calling on your life, yet paralyzed when it was time to walk in it?
Has it seemed that the enemy's whispers of doubt and unbelief are making pretty good sense, and maybe - just maybe - you should throw in the towel?
Have you ever been spiritually alive, but barely hanging on?

Not because of some secret sin, or a life out of alignment.
But because of the press of the enemy. Because of the onslaught of hell and its determination to push you away from your destiny. Because if you can tap out, the people you are meant to reach... will have to wait on the next person (maybe) willing to step in the water.
Hell is terrified of you living the life you were designed to live.

I've always promised to be transparent with you, and this blog is nothing shy of that.
Saturday night I wept on my prayer room floor. I had no words, no fancy prayers, nothing. I knew the path God had called me to walk, I knew the destination, and thankfully he had even showed me a few stops along the way. I knew it all looked Good, but none of it felt good. In fact - It felt hard, lonely, and near impossible. But I knew it had nothing to do with me, only Him - and so at His feet I laid. Desperate for a shift, for a move. Something.

... CLEAR ....
(shock) ......

 .... CLEAR ....
(shock) .....

 ... CLEAR ..

The Holy ghost is reviving all that come to Him desperate.

The Holy Ghost is equipping all that come to him empty

The Holy Ghost is overflowing all that come to him thirsty

I am proof.

Last night in prayer, as the river was flowing in the alter service I heard the spirit loudly say to me, twice "This is it. The time is now."

Saints, Sinners ... prepare your hearts. lay at his feet. allow the paddles of the Holy Ghost to shock you back to life ... because we don't have time to sit and wait - revival fire is burning and the world is hurting, waiting on someone .. ANYONE ... to bring them this living water.

This is it.
here is a video clip of last nights service
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