You are not alone

"You are not alone"
A phrase I was pulled to tell a sweet soul in the prayer line at church last night, that ministered to me at the same time. You see, I have been through quite a year. 2022 has been a year of --the refining fire. Friend circles have shifted, church families have transformed, a best friend went on to Glory with no forewarning, Our family is adjusting to being one of 5 rather than 4, This ministry is growing amidst working full time, My husband purchased a business -- there has been change on every angle.I have learned so much that I hope to share in a more lengthy way later (a book, nonetheless!) I want to talk to you today about the treasure of friendship, and the enemy of loneliness.

Yesterday was a weird day for me - let me just be honest.
I found myself after getting home from morning service, looking out the window in my kitchen. All I could seem to hear in the spirit was.... noise. static. interference.
I wouldn't describe this as a dry season, or even a wilderness. In fact the Lord has been lavishing His promise and blessings over my life in a way that has humbled me. It has just been .. noisy since October. But the last 2-3 weeks have bene the most intense and I did what I preach against -- I pulled away.

I pulled back from the very people God placed in my corner to lift me up.

Have you ever done that?
Life gets heavy, the enemy gets loud and rather than reaching out to say "Can you pray for me? I am having a rough day" you automatically assume that you will be a burden and that you should put on your big girl panties and deal with it.
While I am CERTAINLY an advocate for standing up for yourself and putting the enemy in his place, all the while refusing to invite others to your pity party, sometimes you need people to bind together in agreement to help you push back the enemy.

That is the sweet thing (in my opinion) about this life we live. Everything we are walking out in the physical is a direct reflection of the spirits in operation in the (mostly) unseen realm. I mean y'all.. We had a healing and deliverance service last night at church and let me tell you .. the spirit realm was active, awake and the enemy was trying desperately to latch on to people but he could not stand up against the anointing, against believers binding together in unity and power and giving the Holy Ghost free reign to move how he wants.

I think it is interesting that when the church needs to have a deliverance service, when people need healing, we don't instruct them to come to church and hide in a corner, pray to yourself and then go home. nope.
we say COME to the house of God, Let your request be made known to heaven, let seasoned saints who walk in consecration and authority lay hands on you, submit to the Holy Ghost and press in prayer until your breakthrough breaks through!

There is power in agreement.

Which also means there is power in Godly friendship.

Which also means that if the enemy can convince you that you need to retreat, keep your mouth shut and not tell anyone you need prayer - he will. Because he knows that when your friends begin to pray for you, when you agree and bind and loose... He HAS to go.

If satan can repeat to you that you are alone, you will not reach out.
If satan can convince you that you are a burden - you will not reach out.
If you are wounded from the last friend who stabbed you in the heart - you will not reach out.

Satan wants to keep you CONVINCED that you are alone, and drowning in hurt and betrayal. But I am exposing him today and reminding you that you are NOT alone, and that you WILL go to the Father to heal your heart in the way that it needs.

There are more for you than against you.

This world needs you. I need you. Jesus needs you to be his hands and feet to this lost world.
If there is still breath in your lungs, there is purpose in your life.

you are not alone.
do not push out the very people God sent to pull you out.

I thank you for this lesson and reminder on Godly friendships and their eternal value. Thank you for providing us relationship as a kingdom tool that we can use to dismantle darkness, and unloose those who are bound. Thank you for giving us a voice that we can use to call out when we are feeling defeated and tired. Thank you for strength from heaven, thank you for being near to the broken hearted. And thank you thank when we go through the fire, we will NOT be burned - or even smell of smoke..
In Jesus name,

PS - Looking for a free Bible study on Biblical friendship and our purpose? Check it out here

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