A Recipe for Disaster

I heard a religious leader say something today that made my heart ache. The more I have pondered and prayed the more The Lord has revealed to me the perfect balance of the Gospel. When we skew our beliefs too far in one way, neglecting the other it becomes a disastrous recipe.

The leader said that the miracle of Jesus' sacrifice allowed for the blood to cover all our sins if we just believe, no matter what we do, we are covered - forever.

To announce the power of the blood is beautiful, but to paint it in such a way that leaves the believer (the recipient) unmoved to consecrate themselves makes a mockery of the cross.
See Romans chapter 6 for proof

On the surface that sounds just fine. But when we think of that being spoken to the masses, we insinuate that after we accept salvation we must do nothing else.

I love Grace.
I love Consecration.
God created both, and intends on both to be a part of the life of a believer.

We shouldn't be so focused on grace that we loose sight of a set apart life.
And we shouldn't be so focused on consecration that we forget the absolute necessity of grace, and the mere fact that without it we would be nowhere.

Truly, I have found that when someone really discovers Jesus they lose a desire for this world and consecration is birthed. Though it may be a gradual onset, a desire to be close to Jesus no matter the cost is now at the center of their lives. A few days ago this same topic led me to record a podcast discussing the epidemic of Salvation Experiences and actually being born again.

Listen -  I am not sitting here judging the hearts of mankind, I am looking at the fruit.  
Which we are biblically instructed to do, by the way. 

So I suppose, In summary my heart is resting in the beautiful balance of taking the WHOLE word of God, digesting all of it, and allowing it to transform us. From the inside out.
And Lord help us,  that when we have a chance to speak into a microphone to a mass of people, let our words speak of your power to not only cover but transform.

Chat soon!
Forever being molded,

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