The weight of a stone

Ever picked up a rock and felt the pure weight of it in your hand? Often times rocks that aren't very big in size certainly hold their own when it comes to weight.

In John Chapter 8 we read of a women caught sinning, a woman caught in the very act of adultery. She was brought to Jesus and they were demanding something be done. They wanted her dead - stoned to be exact. There is much to this story, we could talk about the life that led this woman to wear a scarlet letter, we could talk about the religious folk who were intent on getting Jesus to mess up ... but for now we will just focus on the stone.

I recently had an event at my house. I invited women of all ages to come over, eat and fellowship. I have always asked the Lord to invade every event we do - we have enough things to do to fill our calendar. So if I am hosting something, I want it to be spiritually worth your time. The gals all took a seat in my living, many sat on the floor as we were packed like sardines in here. They were a captive audience as my board member, Miss Jennifer, handed out smooth, small, weighty stones. She wrote on it "those without sin ....". The girls talked of how the stone looked small, but it weighed more than they'd think.

Isn't that just like sin?

It looks small, but the wages of it.... the weight of it...

Satan is the deceiver. Just like in the garden he gets you to doubt the word of God by shifting a few things and before you know it you are further than you thought you'd be.
Before you know it you are doubting things you knew to be true.
before you know it you are drinking that, smoking that, going there ...
Satan only shows you a snippet. He appeals to your flesh, He preys on your weakness.
And when you take the bait - Just like a fishing rod he hooks you into deception and then a mountain of condemnation and more sin is heaped onto your plate.
Hear me today friends... Satan will NEVER show you the full picture.

Think about it- If he showed Eve the full picture, banished from the garden, walking in shame, no more strolls with God in the cool of the day, pain during childbirth, toiling the ground to get food, killing the animals, bloodshed, her son murdering her other son ...
She would have NEVER taken a bite of that beautiful delicious apple.
She would have said - It ain't worth it. The weight of that disobedience isn't worth my relationship with God.

The wages of sin is death - no matter how you shake it.
We must avoid being enticed by the enemy.

And how do we do that? We submit to God, resist the Devil and then he will flee.

Now - back to the stones.

Those stone were heavy. They were intended to kill her.
see the correlation? sin is intended to kill you. She wasn't thinking about death when she was in the bed of adultery. She was fulfilling the lust of the flesh, but she opened a door to the enemy of her soul.

But here is the beautiful part - Jesus didn't pick up the stone to kill her.
He looked at the crowd and said, any of you totally innocent? Free from sin? Then you can throw the first stone. and Noone was able to ... Noone except Jesus.
And Jesus offered her grace.
But what did he say?

Go and sin no more

When you are blessed enough to be met with Grace and forgiveness you are instructed to go and sin no more. Not to live under a waterfall of grace while you embrace the hand of the enemy who is trying to kill your influence, steal your purpose and possess your soul.
you flee from the wages of sin.
you flee from the sin.
and we accept the grace of Jesus, the only one able to cast the judgment is the one covering our sins.

The next time you see a stone I pray you are reminded of two things... the weight of sin, and the weight someone feels when you attempt to cast a stone.

Be blessed friends!
Chat soon,
xo -Crystal 

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