Did you know that you are called to be a bread basket?
its okay - stick with me - I'm going somewhere...

The Lord has been calling me to His feet for years, I mean... years.
Asking me to purposefully sit at His feet with no other agenda than to Hear HIS heart, and to unload mine. Thankfully my stubborn self finally started listening a few months ago.
I wait for my house to go to sleep, brew some Passionfruit Tea, grab my favorite blanket and head to the basement. The Lord unloads revelation for me here, and Its what I love bring you on the app

I have been telling the Lord that I'm not sure how I made it day to day without this gleaning.
How in the world did I make it before without this intentional time in His presence? My mind becomes renewed and faith is recharged - there is nothing like it.
And until last night .. I thought this prayer time was all about me.

well - news flash.
The lord showed me that it isn't. In fact, it's never just about us.

Are we gleaning what we desperately need from our prayer time with Jesus? You betcha.
But we are getting SO much more.
We are fine tuning our dial to the frequency of heaven.
We are filling our basket with bread.

Bread for our children. Bread for those who are hurting. Bread for those desperate for a word from heaven. Bread for the world, Bread for the church.

How much bread is in your basket?

If a friend came to you and needed you to touch heaven for them, could you do it?

ouch - I know. I am hitting where it hurts today. But it is time we evaluate our ability to access the throne. 

I believe the Lord desires us to be walking in such an interchange with him that we do not doubt that God will speak through us when a friend comes requesting prayer.
We should have such an expectation for God to move  when we pray.
I am tired of patty-cake-prayers that do not produce results.

We are baskets holding the bread of life for a starving generation.
But how much bread is in your basket?

Do you only have enough for yourself? Are you barley eating enough of the bread of life, barley drinking enough living water for you to make it another day?
Or are you overflowing?

Is your soul so satisfied from your trips to the well that when you pass someone hurting you are driven to touch heaven right then?

Friend - You have what it takes. You are enough.
The sacrifice of Jesus has bought you a ticket to paradise, but it has given you an all access pass to abundant life HERE on the Earth.

Maybe you are reading this and saying - Crystal, that sounds great and all. But I dont feel very satisfied, my life isn't overflowing - I am drowning in lack, despair and heaviness.

And I would have to tell you that you have come to the right place.
Because I will simply point you to the only thing that can help ... Jesus.
Go ahead, bow those knees , clasp those hands and ask Him to help you live the life He has designed for you.
And now its time for you to get to work filling your basket.
Surely the world is looking in your basket, do they see an invitation to drink of the living water? DO they see your access to the well that won't run dry?

When we go to the word of God, when we pray... it's not just to fill us.
its to flow through us.

If I dont spend time on my knees with my face in the carpet praying, I have nothing to give.
If I dont force my flesh to shut it, and make my eyes read the word that transforms my mind, I have nothing to give.
I cannot afford for my basket to be empty.
You cannot afford for your cup to be dry.

You need it.
They need it.
I need it.
Heaven needs it.

yup - heaven needs it.
God moves through people to fulfill his purpose on the Earth. He is looking, are you?

Help us to be baskets full of bread and wells full of water for a generation that is starving for truth. Draw us to our prayer closets, give us wisdom and revelation. Holy Spirit burn within us! We do not want to be a church that is lacking. You have called us a spotless and victorious bride, help us to live a life that reflects your goodness. Call your people to prayer. Compel us to tell our co-worker, friends and family of your goodness. 
In Jesus name, 
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